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Asthma Breakthrough


A Call for Replication by Acupuncturists

The underlying cause of asthma, a potentially deadly syndrome affecting millions, may have been discovered, and it appears to be caused by a fixable error in the electrical currents that run just under the skin. If you are an acupuncturist, you might be able to help further this research by corroborating or replicating the findings of the preliminary study.

In a small number of patients in the preliminary research study, repairing this electrical error appears to have quickly and permanently ended chronic asthma in all the patients.

In a call for corroboration from as many people as possible, hopefully, thousands, the director of the research is asking acupuncturists all over the world to examine their chronic asthma patients to see 1) if this electrical error is present and 2) if they can replicate the termination of asthma in their patients.

For those readers who are not familiar with the theories of Chinese medicine, these currents have long been studied by acupuncturists, but are only recently attracting the attention of a significant number of medical doctors.

In the limited research thus far, all patients with asthma had a specific electrical error, one that greatly inhibits the body’s activation of the normal “fight or flight” behaviour during emergencies, also known as a sympathetic mode.


Background Information

The body has two emergency response systems: sympathetic mode and the mammalian dive reflex.

The mammalian dive reflex causes closing off of the throat, producing mucus that lines the throat, slowing of the heart, and certain other biological and chemical changes that have long been known to match the symptoms of asthma.

Most children learn to override the mammalian dive reflex by doing activities such as blowing bubbles underwater when learning to swim, but even some adults still have a momentary experience of the dive reflex when water hits their face.

What has not been known is why some people’s bodies use the mammalian dive reflex for an emergency response instead of using the more appropriate increase in sympathetic mode.

Our findings suggest that the reason that people with asthma do not use an increase in sympathetic mode during an increased need for oxygen is that they cannot. The electrical error we’ve discovered is one that inhibits the schematics of sympathetic mode from ramping up.

Because people with asthma have only minimal access to sympathetic mode, their bodies use their only functional emergency option: the mammalian dive reflex. Unfortunately, this dive reflex only protects during drowning and suffocation. It does not allow for an increase in oxygen. Just the opposite: it shuts off access to oxygen.

Most significantly, from a research perspective, when the electrical currents inhibiting sympathetic mode are repaired, allowing for a complete sympathetic mode response, asthma does not return.



The error in electrical schematics seems to occur somewhere, anywhere, along only two of the body’s twenty electrical currents and/or in one of the electrical shunts at the back of the knee that connects these two currents during a healthy response to an emergency.

Acupuncturists will know these currents and the back of knee shunt as the two “meridians” (electrical pathways) most involved in the anciently recorded “First Divergence:” the first diverting of currents away from the electrical flow patterns of parasympathetic (contented and curious) mode and into the electrical schematics of fight or flight.

The first part of this call for replication is asking acupuncturists to examine their asthma patients to see if, in fact, there is any sort of error in the flow of these two channels or the shunt. The one-hour discussion presenting the call for replication will include a quick course on learning to detect and track the flow of these currents, for those students who did not learn this skill at their acupuncture college.

If the finding of error in these locations is consistent over a wide number of asthma patients, a second call will go out explaining how to treat the many possible variations of the errors that might occur in these locations.


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