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Let's come together and build a valuable resource for the field! Each month 1 question is posed to our world-wide community of wellness practitioners across different disciplines on Net of Knowledge — different philosophies, different experiences, but all focused, in our unique ways, on providing care and enriching lives. One small answer from each of us will create a rich picture for all! Participate or listen in! And spread the word!

Current question:

What one practical tip could have saved you countless difficulties in your practice, and that you still use today?

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Share your experience and grow this knowledge base for the field.

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Past Questions

You can still share your voice on past questions! Participate to leave a mark and grow this knowledge base for the field.

May, 2023

What do our fields of integrative medicine need most right now?

102 Voices
April, 2023

What is your favourite piece of clinical advice that you’ve picked up in your years of practice?

167 Voices
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