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2022 - Rén Yín 壬 寅 Water Tiger Chinese Astrology outlook musings

Chinese Astrology

It is that time of year where many of you may be curious for an outlook for the coming Chinese Lunar and Solar year from a Chinese Astrology perspective. I am happy to say that the upcoming year looks exciting, as challenging as it is to write these general outlooks. We are frequently inundated with astrological forecasts at this time of the year. As some of you may know, I usually hesitate to do these, because Chinese Astrology is more than just the year we are born. It and your “fate” is determined by your entire chart—year, month, day and time—that interacts with the year, and Feng Shui and human relationships. Providing an astrological annual outlook is a pretty general and inaccurate task, which then puts a misunderstanding of the energy out there, and consequently degrades the value and effectiveness of Chinese Astrology. Moreover, providing a global outlook of the world is not just ascertained from the year—we must account for the Flying Star Feng Shui that analyzes the cycle of Qi or the stars above us (the Heavenly energy) in conjunction with the Qi cycle here on planet Earth (Earthly Branches). Wondering (even just a bit) on how Astrology may matter? Simplistically, chronobiology and circadian rhythms look at how time and light affect health. Astrology is one of the Chinese metaphysical ways we look at the energy of time, light and other sensory phenomena, with how it affects our human health, energy cycles of nature and global health. We, as Chinese metaphysicians, also look at the Flying Star Feng Shui, Qi Men, Yi Jing, together with the Ba Zi.

That said, I also appreciate that people like to have a general idea of what is in store, for a preparedness that I do encourage people to have. I’ve always said that knowing what is in store and being ready, can actually help release stress and anxiety, and help change the way you navigate the ups and downs, in a more positive and calm way. A properly done Annual Update forecast is correctly approached with your complete Birth Chart (year, month, day, time). It focuses on the possible challenges that may be faced, specific beneficial opportunities that may arise, the odds of success or failure, and the best timing of any goals. This is to help understand how to amplify the good, and minimize the not‐so‐good, and give us context and perspective to walk through our path of learning. Astrology is serious value-added energy analysis. Energy is a part of us. Understanding how to enhance the good energy and minimize the bad energy, to me, is a no-brainer. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, one has more of an advantage to understand and apply this area of knowledge, with the Five Phases/Interactions background and understanding Qi flow and balance.

Now what you have been waiting for! I will give a general synopsis for a window of perspective and value to you all. Keep in mind again, your personal path may be different, depending on your “energetic DNA”, or your complete Ba Zi Birth Chart.

This coming year of the Water Tiger is a spirited year, and I cannot possibly say it all in one article, but I hope you enjoy what I have refined to share.

On February 1, 2022, the Lunar start date for the year of the Rén Yín 壬 寅 Water Tiger begins, with the official Astrological Solar start date beginning on February 4, 2022 at 04:58. This year of the Yang Water Tiger will be action-focused, about movement, getting things done, and implementing your inspiration, goals, and dreams. The Tiger, when we look at another perspective of the Astrological cycle of life here on planet Earth and the Earthly Branches, is the START and the FIRST of the animal signs.

What, why? Hardly anyone mentions this, but it is true on a different layer of Astrology and Feng Shui. It is the START of new life and change because Yín 寅 Tiger is associated with Wood and Spring, the first month of the new year and Lì Chūn 立春 (Spring Stands Up). Wood and growth symbolizes the start of a new life cycle. Makes sense, right? The past two years were in fact on a different layer, also end cycles of life, with the Rat in the height of Yin, Water, midnight and Winter, and Qi descending or ending—let’s call this the “reset” button. Then we had the Ox year being an Earth transition and refinement energy to dredge and prepare us—let’s call this the “transform” button, as we move to the next cycle of Qi. I’ll say it again: that new start and growth cycle of Qi is Spring, Wood, and the Tiger! We are on a new trajectory now and this year it springs into life!

Tiger is one of those animal signs that I call a “mover and a shaker”. This comes from the energy of the Tiger (Yín 寅 is the original astrological character, as all true astrology is symbolized by). Yín 寅 Tiger has Yang Wood element in its core, therefore wants to (or has to) strongly move, grow, do, and create benevolence and peace. The Tiger also has some hidden Fire and Earth elements within it. This means the Tiger wants to also create warmth, inspiration, leadership, and joy—yes joy—we will have happiness again! The Earth element within it desires stability, foundations, trust, groundedness and organization. Thus, in general, the Tiger wants to create change, albeit impatiently at times, and is willing to fight for it, yet at the same time, always in the end wants to achieve kindness, joy and order. By the end of this year, we will see peace. Yes, we will get there!

You may be asking yourself, what do I mean “we will get there”? What do we have to walk through to get there? Here is where we have to look above, at the Heavens, Planets, Universe cycle of Qi, represented by the Heavenly Stems. This year is Yang Water coming from the Heavens. On a good note, Water and Wood are harmonious elements, with Water nurturing Wood. As Wood develops further, it will sedate the Water. Thus, with Water generally associated with instability and carriers of disease, by the end of this year we should no longer see this as an issue (big grin, right?). However, let’s also remember Water’s strengths. Water represents intuition, emotions, senses, ideas and flexibility. Yang Water specifically is a symbol of the ocean, always needing to move and change directions, go with the flow and not be bound by one direction only. Yang Water is intuitively and sensorily intelligent and like an ocean, can come in suddenly, big and surging causing destruction, yet also be soft and flowing when need be. What this means is there is an emotional element coming into this year. We may feel waves of emotions, up and down with what is happening in the world, which is meant for you to ask yourself, how are you with the current order of things, what have you learned about yourself, and how will you release the past, pivot, and move forward? In my previous annual outlooks, I mentioned that those were years you needed to look inward, figure out what no longer serves you, forgive and patiently work though those and let those go. That was in preparation for the new you and new life you have envisioned for yourself. This is the year that movement finally takes place. However, in order for new energy to thrive, we must have made room, thus we must have let go.

The Tiger is one of the strongest animals in the astrology chart, with directness, benevolence, speed of implementation, inspiration and leadership, and tolerance. With the coupling of Yang Water from the heavens above, we have a very spiritual animal by adding in the Water elements of our intuition, senses, mood, flexibility, and impulse. We’ll see a lot of impulses (good or not), action, reaction, impatience, desire for joy, warmth, leadership, and change! What have you been waiting for? Now is the time to act (benevolently) on your visions that you have planted the seeds for, transformed and are ready to grow, especially if the elements of Wood and Water and some Fire are your beneficial elements of your Birth Chart. The Tiger cannot help but create change, and will be pushed with the force of Water behind it to get there. Harness the power of the Water Tiger to help manifest your visions and inspiration this year.

When I look at an astrology year ahead, I am also looking at the energies of each quarter of the year, and the main energetic nature of the year. In the first half of the year, there is much back and forth between control and being controlled, emotions, impulses, and actions. We may see conflict, fights, battles with laws, government policies, and the global order. Incomes may not keep up with inflation. Be prudent, responsible, and be ready to pivot and adjust to the world. In the second half of the year, the energy shifts to one of resolving the control, subduing it with benevolence, and peace and harmony will be restored. On this journey, one must keep in mind the vision, the big picture—that’s the Yang Wood in the Tiger wanting to see the end goal, and keep making strides to get there—in a helpful manner of being.

Looking at more layers, there are heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches that have conflicts or clashes every year. The Earthly Branches are easier to understand, and I'll mention the main ones. We speak about this in context of the Tiger, because the Tiger is the Chief this year! Those that have a Monkey in their Birth Chart (year, month, day, or time) be aware this is one of the biggest clashes in all the Chinese astrology energies. This is an axe (Yang Metal of Monkey) trying to chop a tree (Yang Wood of Tiger). With the Tiger being the Chief, it is likely the Monkey will NOT win this fight and the tree/Tiger will dominate. However, if you actually need your Metal sedated in your chart or need more Wood, this will end up being a good change for you. As with all conflicts or clashes, they are meant for you to evaluate the situation, and learn from it to evolve your own development.

Other animals worth mentioning are the Dog and the Horse. This creates a trio with the Tiger that wants to create more fire—joy, inspiration, integrity, and leadership. Yes, we need this happiness! If that is what you need in your chart, you will see your spirit shine through to others and inspire others. For Chinese medicine practitioners, since this is an amplification of Fire, you may see more Heart, Small Intestine, or inflammatory conditions flare up this year. Balance Acupuncturists, you therefore may do best to utilize Magic 4 Heat, Magic 4 Heat Channel Conversion, Magic 4 midline, or rotate with these this year.

Next on my list is the Boar. The Tiger and the Boar are best friends, and together they like to create more Wood. Ahh, that’s lovely—more ways to see the future possibilities, kindness, and movement. If you have a Boar in your year, month, day or time, this will be a helpful and moving year, especially if you need more Wood. For Chinese medicine practitioners, since this is an amplification of Wood, you may see more Liver and Gallbladder conditions flare up. Balance Acupuncturists, you know the go-to: Jueyin-Shaoyang or Jueyin-Shaoyang III-VI.

That sounds like a lot of Qi moving around, taking flight with all the meditative and transformative work to bring to light what we’ve had to do the last 2 years. Yes, it is, and it’s a chance for us to follow this flow of elevation, and use it wisely.

Globally, with Tiger being a mover, more travel is expected, and also, more possible travel accidents. Take more care when you move or travel this year, as rapid and moving Qi is unstable. With any conflict, look at the big picture, visualize the future outcome, and keep kind and moving, making steps in that direction. Keep moving like the Tiger, be flexible like Water, and you will get there!

Wait, there is more: we have a special day coming up this year on February 18, 2022. On this day, there is an alignment with the Water Tiger year, Water Tiger month of February, AND Water Tiger day! Wow, right?! This is an unique and extraordinary alignment or portal, which does not happen again for another 108 years. On this day, it would be best to meditate on your visions and positive outcomes for not just this year, but also the next several years to harness the strong power of the trio of spiritual Water Tigers! Make sure you’ve done your personal work to shed your inner challenges, bringing them to light and letting them go, while implementing your best vision of your best evolution of yourself going forward, making sure it is a benevolent outcome. Be present, and flow with this day. Moreover, be astute observers for the next 12 months. We have a unique occurrence where each of the next 12 months are mini-replicas of the energies of the beginning of the next 12 years. Every month is an opportunity to release the past, forgive, and make room for the new energy. This particular February 18, 2022 is also significant because the 5 Star has moved back to its home in the Center. As mentioned, this won’t happen again for another 108 years. This is an opportunity to liberate ourselves. It could be as simple as an Ohm meditation. I encourage you to ask yourself what do you want to release yourself from, and transform into?

Hold on, I’m not done! In Flying Star Feng Shui, where this is an analysis of the cycles of Qi that come from the stars above, i.e., the Big Dipper, the stars circulate back to their home palace. This emphasizes harmony as the theme of this year. Be mindful of enhancing the East part of your home to encourage the Tiger to thrive, and sedate the centre of your home with some metal elements to subdue any illness. As with a personal Birth Chart, every building has its own life cycle. In Feng Shui, this is not just design, it is looking at the energetic DNA of a building, its energetic sectors and exposure to light and its aging process. We absorb our surroundings, since we are over 70% fluid and we are visually processing information all the time. Using the harmony of our environment can help affect our inner health and temperament as well. On a global scale, in Flying Star Feng Shui we are 2 years away from a new 20 year age of existence. In 2 years, the motive force of change will amplify to a new level and age of the world for the following 20 years. What we as the world will go through are steps toward this new era. Be a conscious part of the positive collective change by amplifying goodwill and the change-maker energy of the Tiger’s growth drive, into a beautiful, warm, inspiring world.

May you have good Qi flow and many blessings to you all!

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