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Year of the Rabbit 2023

Chinese Astrology

The forward-looking Rabbit influence is available in 2023 for clarity and focus in managing your affairs and goals.

In the zodiac scheme of how energy flows and nature grows in the Cycle of Life, Rabbit embodies the wood element's organizing influence on the creative process. Growth and development are hallmark characteristics of the wood element influence in nature. Once an idea is born or a task initiated, its route to fruition must be mapped out.

Nature "springs into action" with the Tiger who precedes Rabbit but is the Rabbit's organizing influence that directs this energy for purpose and manifestation. Destination and the making of a "thing" is a fine-tuning process that involves good reasoning skills, keen attention to details and "sorting things out” ... all within the purview of the clever Rabbit mind. 

Throughout history in many cultures, the Rabbit is considered a springtime animal and signifies rebirth, resurrection, and a new lease on life. Its reputation for fertility and fruitfulness suggests this social bunny is pleasant to be around, will surely have many friends and loves a good time. Bunnies do prefer the camaraderie of others, but don't mistake their easy-going nature for fun-over-business because the astute Rabbit always has his/her finger on the pulse and will surprise you with his/her brilliance.

With Rabbit's industrious influence, 2023 can be a very productive & fruitful year. As 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, the powerful water influence upon the already busy Rabbit puts more momentum and desire into the destination equation, so hop like a bunny and get moving because the Force is with you this year.

While Tiger's enthusiasm for getting-er-done carries over to the Rabbit year, Rabbit's optimism is more cautious and its determinism more disciplined - which is a good thing because the creative process requires constant reassessment and tweaking. One should not be reckless in pursuit of a goal.

Thus, the Year of the Rabbit holds the promise for progress and abundance. 2023 is a good year to get your ducks in a row and check boxes. It is a good time to self-assess and self-correct: what is working and not working - make necessary changes. Pay rabbit-attention to your surrounding environment and be razor focused on the details. Energy must flow freely, so tweak away.

If your work or project involves other people, using the rabbit spirit of good fellowship in the workplace will increase collaboration, efficiency, and overall productivity. Enjoy your friends, go to parties. But use temperance in all your affairs. Trust your instincts but be Rabbit-cautious this year.

That which you are creating or doing may not come to full fruition this year and many challenges may remain, but with the Rabbit influence expect great strides in getting there. As always, the more disciplined you are, the better your year is going to be.

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