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Year of the Dragon - 2024

Chinese Astrology

The ambitious and determined energy of the Dragon influence is available this year for pushing through with your plans and dreams for the future.


The mythical Dragon has been revered in many cultures throughout the ages for its courage, tenacity, and ability to overcome adversity. In Chinese folklore, this majestic creature represents auspiciousness and imperial power. A born leader, the intelligent and imaginative Dragon is known for its far-sightedness and its fearlessness in the face of challenges.


In Celtic culture, Dragons are divine earth guardians who protect nature and all things sacred. They are respected as forces of nature who harness the life-force of creation. They can control wind and rain and turn over rivers and seas as well as bring prosperity to the world - which they do - while generously helping those they meet along the way (as is their nature).


In pop culture, "Dragon Energy" is a metaphor used to express an essence of Creation or Power. It represents a combination of confidence, charisma and leadership in one's endeavors and/or in companionship with others working towards the same ends.


In the celestial scheme of how energy flows and nature grows, the Dragon is the last of the three transformative Wood Element influences in the Cycle of Life where the energetic influence upon nature is organizing and the will is determined to produce. It is the wood element influence in nature that plans for development, organizes resources to do so, and then executes the plan.


2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon. This "double wood" influence begets double the amount of tenacity and determination to use in pursuit of whatever your intentions or goals are. Coming in on the heels of Rabbit's organizing influence during the previous lunar year, the potential and momentum for creativity and productivity for the Wood Dragon year is at "superpower" levels. 


The adventurous and ambitious Dragon typically aims high, seems to have endless energy and passion, is not afraid of challenges and is willing to take risks. If you are starting a new venture or goal planning for the year, you can aim high with some confidence that the tenacious dragon influence this year – like the wind at your back - will be providing some momentum to help you reach those ambitious ideals.


In a work environment, Dragon Energy is important because it affects the outcome or the result of what is being born of the efforts or from the system. If team spirit is high and people are passionate about the job, the dragon energy is strong and bold. If people are stressed, tired and/or unhappy with the work, the dragon energy is weak. Whether on the team, managing a team or independently in pursuit of an idea, with good dragon energy and some dragon confidence in your talent, you can dominate in your field of choosing or work at hand.


Dragons crave to be of use and need to find a purpose or goal in life. If you find yourself floundering around or the work at hand is not suitable for you, be dragon bold and burn away all that doesn’t serve you anymore. Do something that brings you joy, stick with what you do best … be fearless in the face of challenges … and you will have a good year.

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