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Post Vaccine Syndromes & Fu Xie Guest Pathogens

Ethics & Safety Diseases and Disorders

Post-vaccine syndromes present unique challenges for our healthcare system because they are often misdiagnosed and always difficult-to-treat due to the nature of internal disease processes. Traditional Chinese Medicine embodies a conceptual framework and treatment protocols for correcting immune regulation problems consistent with post-vaccine syndromes. 

Stealth Infections as ‘Any pathogenic micro-organism employing strategies to persist in the body by hiding from, evading, misdirecting or even suppressing the immune response, leading to chronic disease or lack of well being.’Under normal circumstances, a sickness can invade the body only at a time of vulnerability. It can set up residence in the body only where the body is vulnerable.  Once the pathogenic evil has made its way into the interior of the body, it can become embedded in tissues/organs only where the Zang and Fu Qi is weak. In a relatively healthy body where body qi and function is mostly intact, the vibrant Zang and Fu Qi surrounding the embedded infection will not allow it to spread. The infection is rendered “latent” until the surrounding and protective qi weakens to allow “re-infection” and/or pathological growth. 

The persistent low-grade infection (heat) gradually reduces the vitality of the host person. As the Righteous Zheng Qi weakens, the body’s qi diminishes, the pathogenic qi grows and an insidious disease process ensues. 

The guest pathogen phenomenon has puzzled researchers in that the infection does not present symptomatically and in accordance with the classic signs of infection. The conventional thinking on the elusiveness of hidden pathogens says that the usual attempts by the body’s immune system to disperse the disease are absent and that the infection has evolved “into a state of relative peace” with its host. The notion that the infection “evolves into a state of relative peace”, however, is a misnomer and means only that the eruptive expression of the disease and/or a constitutional disturbance is not obvious or symptomatic.  

When qi and yang are abundant and the purification process is working, the signs/symptoms of Fu Xie (lurking pathogen) go relatively unnoticed. That is the “state of relative peace”. However, that lasts only so long as the qi of the patient is strong and the Nei Wei Qi is working against the interior pathogen and not against the self. 

As the Zheng Qi diminishes, the pathogenic evil can begin to circulate through the body via blood and lymph, mutating and transforming depending on the acidity/toxicity of the internal environment. Western medical researchers now understand that the occult presence of an alien bit of genetic material can have lifelong inflammatory effects. Not well understood, however, is how the guest pathogens managed to slip by the body’s immune defences unnoticed. 

With vaccination, the host does not have to be vulnerable for exogenous pathogen to invade the body because the vaccine’s pathogenic substances are forced through a needle directly into the bloodstream and tissues of the body, thereby bypassing the body’s natural defensive borders. In this scenario, the virus/pathogens often initially cause no damage but the allergic immune response can be, and often is, devastating and lethal. 

With vaccination, we are not reacting to a natural immune challenge. Infection by injection is like a rocket bypassing the natural lines of demarcation (surface barriers, mucosal membranes) and the normal routes of infection. Infection by injection projects pathogenic evil into the internal milieu where illness becomes tailored to the individual’s genetics and connective tissue weaknesses. 

In 2011 a new syndrome was introduced describing chronic conditions with Fu Xie clinical manifestations. “ASIA”, or autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants, is defined as the spectrum of immune-mediated diseases triggered by the adjuvant stimulants in vaccines. An adjuvant is defined as “any substance that acts to accelerate, prolong, or enhance the antigen-specific immune response”. In other words, added toxic substances to prolong the inflammatory response. ASIA encompasses empty-heat syndromes including CFS, myalgias/arthritis, Crohn's, sleep disturbances and demyelination disorders. Viremia is a medical term that refers to a medical condition where viruses have entered the bloodstream and have access to the rest of the body. Vaccination introduces known and unknown viruses directly into the bloodstream. Thus, every organ can be involved, especially the lungs, spleen, stomach, intestines, brain, eyes and skin. 

In TCM, the location of hidden pathogens and the stage of disease manifest is a function of pattern differentiation. For treatment, the focus should be on the level where the pathogen resides as guest and the pathogenic climate created by the invasion. Nourishing the Zheng Qi with emphasis on the kidneys promotes the yin to expel the heat (yin vacuity) and combat the accumulated damp-heat caused by chronic inflammation. If one does not immobilize the yang within the yin, the pathogen will move more deeply and not emerge.  

The insidious mode of interior or Fu Xie activity underlies many modern illnesses. With repeated vaccinations, the pattern is mixed deficiency/excess (empty complicated by fullness). The pathogen is interior – causing the body’s qi/blood to become deficient while also damaging the yin of the body. The body’s qi is weak and not reacting to the pathogens. When the integrity of the qi system is corrupted, as it is with vaccination, the ability to obtain and use both nutritive and protective qi diminishes over time resulting in deficiency syndromes. This downward spiral of immuno-competence leads to a pattern of consumptive diseases that historically manifest with old age but which now are also rampant in frequently vaccinated young children and adults … many of them our current and future patients.

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