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Sharon Loerzer


Sharon Loerzer is a Sa'Sen Yin Therapist and the founder of the Family Evolution Centre, which has helped over 2,500 children, teenagers and their families over the past 25 years. Sharon runs programs for parents, teachers and health professionals both face-to-face and online. With fluency in English, Spanish and German, her teachings span Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Sharon is passionate about helping adults to see through the eyes of children so that a clear and empathetic bond can form beyond our traditional social conditioning. With this training teachers, practitioners and parents alike are able to diagnose much more efficiently, and can interact with their young counterparts with a far more deeply informed wisdom. Sharon continues her spiritual training with the Sa'Sen Yin School for Therapists, as her own growth is also an exciting and ongoing process.

Live Events with Sharon Loerzer


from April 26, 2020

Flower Essences for Emotional Health During Crisis

Sharon Loerzer
Sharon Loerzer

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