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Sabine Wilms


Sabine Wilms is the author and translator of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine. With a PhD in East Asian Studies and Medical Anthropology, she specializes in bringing ancient Chinese wisdom to life. In addition to writing, translating, and publishing her work through her company Happy Goat Productions, she lectures at conferences and schools around the world and mentors private students and small groups through her “Imperial Tutor” mentorship program ( Some of her favorite topics are gynecology, pediatrics, medical ethics, and “nurturing life” as envisioned in the Chinese medical classics.

Her publications include translations of Sun Simiao’s writings on gynecology and pediatrics (Venerating the Root); of the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencao Jing); and of two books on Wang Fengyi’s system of “Five Element Virtue Healing” (Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth and Twelve Characters); as well as extensively annotated translations and discussions of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, Plain Questions (Huangdi Nei Jing Suwen) Chapter Five, the “Great Discourse on the Resonant Manifestations of Yin and Yang” (published as Humming with Elephants); and of Qi Zhongfu’s Hundred Questions on Gynecology (Nüke Bai Wen, published as Channeling the Moon).

With a strong academic background in early Chinese philosophy, science, cosmology, and language, she is known for her historically and culturally sensitive approach to Chinese Medicine but also sees it as a living, effective, ever-changing, and much needed response to the issues of our modern times. She lives happy as a clam on Whidbey Island near Seattle.

Live Events with Sabine Wilms


from May 4, 2020

Yin and Yang and the Fertile Space in Between

Sabine Wilms, In Dialogue with Cara Conroy-Low

Sabine Wilms
Sabine Wilms

Books by Sabine Wilms

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Humming with Elephants

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