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Lindsey Miuccio


Dr. Lindsey Miuccio, DAOM, DAC, L.Ac. I’ve helped thousands of women and men all over the country become pain free and finally conceive their healthy babies holistic medicine. As a graduate of two of the top accredited schools in the country for Chinese medicine, with two Doctorates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’m a New York State ( California/ Texas and Florida) board licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine with over 10 years of clinical experience as a pain reduction/ sports medicine, a woman’s reproductive specialist and medical professional. I graduated from Tri-State College of Acupuncture which encompasses 3,500+ hours in a wide range of clinical experience and modalities in New York City. It ran like a dojo and I was trained by fighters for fighters. If you’re not a fighter, no worries, I love all my athletes, weekend warriors and even my couch potatoes 😉. While there I tended to a diverse patient care load representative of such a population in down town NYC. Running her own private practice working on local athletes using American Physical Medicine; trigger point release therapy (dry needling – but the propper way) as well as, but not limited to acupressure and Zheng Gu Tui Na (Tom Bissio & Frank Butler), Chinese medical bodywork. I went on to pursue my second doctorate in California state at PCOM for acupuncture and have now opened a reverse aging and pain management clinic in Texas practicing Chinese sports medicine and reverse aging (anti-aging). I am trained in Japanese, American, and Chinese traditional medicine. My cumulative knowledge permits me a high degree of efficacy with patients. My goal is to use the knowledge and experience granted to me to efficiently and quickly help my patients recover, maintain their healthy lifestyles, and reverse age! I’m here to guide you on all thing mental, emotional, and physical, as it pertians to the ancient healing arts. The world of where energy medicine and biomedicine meet.

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