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Derrick McBride


Derrick McBride has over a decade of experience as a strength and conditioning coach working in sports medicine and performance facilities. After becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist, he set out to bring the worlds of movement and acupuncture together. Alongside, his private practice in Denver CO that works with many professional athletes, Derrick has worked as one of Whitfield Reaves' teaching assistants, taught at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and presented at Sports Acupuncture Conferences. He specializes in bringing orthopedic testing, muscle testing, movement assessments, and corrective exercise programming to Acupuncturist in a systematic, digestible, and clinically effective way.

Derrick’s formal education and certifications include:

Licensed Acupuncturist

Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist(expired)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

MS in Acupuncture

BS in Rehabilitation Science

Minor in Fitness

Certificate in Pathokinesiology

Functional Movement Screen Certified

Y-Balance Test Certified

Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified

6 Month Apprenticeship in Sports Acupuncture

Rocktape Basic and Performance Certified

Teaching Assistant to Sports Acupuncture Apprenticeship Program

Presenter at Sports Acupuncture Conferences

Patients include many professional and elite level athletes including NFL, NBA, and UFC athletes

Over 10 Years of Experience as a Personal Trainer Specializing in Corrective Exercise

Courses by Derrick McBride

Orthopedic and Muscle Testing for the Acupuncturist - Course 1
Tests for the Low Back and Hip
Derrick McBride
Derrick McBride
Whitfield Reaves
Whitfield Reaves

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