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PUSH Professionals


In over 20 years of practice, I've experienced the honor to treat patients from fertility through postpartum many times. Sadly I've watched them return postpartum crying their eyes out in my office. This could've been because their birth did not go the way they had expected, whether that was an induction, c-section, a loss, or any other traumatic event. The truth is that there are so many factors to consider during pregnancy & birth, and families do not always have the right information, or even know what to ask for, or know what they'll need. Patients need a safe space to share their entire journey from fertility through postpartum and even into have a second, third, or fourth or more babies. I cultivate this much needed space for my patients, starting with a very thorough intake and building a strong rapport with them. These are all skills required in this field that I share in my teaching. There are so many women that need this kind of support, and there simply are not enough of me to support all of the pregnant mamas. This is why I need to share more of my knowledge with other acupuncturists!

I'm determined to teach you why "we" as acupuncturists play such an essential role in treating pregnancy and help you acquire all of the tools needed to feel confident in supporting patients throughout their entire journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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