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The Net of Knowledge Team

Suuji - Korean Hand Reflex Therapy

with Frank Yurasek

May 27, 2023 - 9am PDT, 12pm EDT



Free your patients from the 2nd Hand Healing model of the Dominant Healthcare Domain with the Self-care Korean Hand Therapy. Teach them Suuji and put pain relief and vibrant health back within their grasp.

This is a First Strike opportunity to earn Early Adapter Advantage in the booming TeleCare Bonanza, which earns and builds patient loyalty.

Suuji is a reflex system using the hand developed by Tae Woo Yoo in the 1970s. Korean Hand Reflex Therapy is a powerful pain-relieving system on its own. This class will detail the reflex correspondences and how to treat the meridian system with the hand. You will gain familiarity with the tools, pulse-taking system, treatment of common disorders, and how to incorporate this system in telehealth.

Event details

  • Access through the Net of Knowledge platform in your own learning account.
  • Live event with the opportunity to ask the teacher questions.
  • Lifetime access to the recordings where you can take bookmarks and notes and review year after year.
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  • Approved by: Florida (6) , NCCAOM (6) , Standard Certificate (6)

  • Event Type: Live Streaming

  • Event Length: 7 hrs

  • Access Period: Lifetime Access to Recordings

What is Net of Knowledge?


Here's what you should expect to come away with from this event.

  • Tae Woo Yoo's dedication to teaching self-care (and its relationship to Telehealth)
  • The dynamics of the Hologram and Microsystems of Ear, Scalp, Face, Nose, Shu, Mu, 3 Burner, and Ja Jie configurations
  • Familiarity with treatment tools for rolling, heating, bleeding, piercing, & polarizing points
  • Pulse taking & balancing
  • Demonstrating Acute Pain Treatment Scenarios


  • May 27, 2023 - 9am PDT, 12pm EDT (7 hrs)

    Intro & History (The Frank & Mikey (SaTerra) Legacy, Incl Tae Woo Yoo's 5 trips to Chicago.

    Pulse Taking and Correcting

    Using pressure, heat, silver/gold, magnets, bleeding, press tacks, needles, lasers

    Holographs and Neuroplastic applications

    Arm & Leg Mapping and Treatments

    Spine Mapping and Treatments

    Face Mapping and Treatments

    Throat & Chest Mapping & Treatments

    Abdominal Mapping & Treatments (Including Diabetes)

    Q& A Overview 5 Element & Extraordinary Vessel Scenarios

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Meet Your Teacher

teacher image

Frank Yurasek

Frank Yurasek, PhD, LAc, received Oriental Medicine training from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine 30 years ago and trained at the Guang Zhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the Acupuncture Clinical Advisor at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, National University of Health Sciences, and the director of Acupuncture, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

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